Everybody else seems to be all on about Mother’s day, but quite frankly, it’s a holiday that doesn’t inspire me much. Some kid thought it up in the early 20th century, and Hallmark caught on soon after.  To me, it’s one in a string of mall-o-tron birthdays hyped to increase the sales of overpriced dust collecting knickknacks. We don’t really keep with Mother’s Day in my house, nor Father’s Day Either.

That said, my family got me some kickass gifts for Mother’s Day this year. The best one is the half hour Swedish Massage Scott got me, but even the kids’ crafts are pretty adorable. Sam glued tissue paper all over a baby food jar, Miss Terry dropped in a tea light candle, and Sam traced his name on the card. Caroline made me a ceramic coaster. Well, her teachers did. And made an adorable thumbprint vine for me to set my drinks on. I guess this means I’d better start thinking about Father’s Day, even though Scott will tell me not to.

We’re also going to Callaway gardens, where I plan to make Scott let us rent bikes and try out Geocaching. Or at least try out Geocaching. Unless they rent trikes or kiddie-wagons to go with the bikes, we wouldn’t be very effective bikers, since neither Sam nor Caroline will ride.  If they won’t, this means I’ll have to engage in my least favorite activity, walking, to get there, but I think it may be well worth it.

We’re eternally seeking free family activities, and we’ve kind of run through all of Montgomery’s options. Several times over. We recently found Callaway Gardens, and we fell in love with the butterfly gardens. We bought a membership, and I’d love to add to the free things we can do there. (And I’m totally excited about the upcoming treetop adventure that hasn’t opened yet.)

In any case, happy mother’s day to all. If we have a good time, I’ll blog our experience tomorrow.


One thought on “Geocaching

  1. Happy Mother’s Day right back atcha! Our M. Day traditions include my getting to go out and buy flowers for the garden, and dinner out. But that massage thing sounds pretty good too… 😉

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