Killer Golf

So. I have just realized that I’ve spent more days blogging about Disney than I actually spent in Florida.
{awkward pause}

We were in Orlando a total of roughly five days. Only two  of which were spent at anything even related to the Mouse with the House.

{another awkward pause}

And this is my seventh day of the Disney-vacation-blog. Innnnteresting.

{a final awkward pause}

Well, now that we’ve addressed that little issue, I’ll just move on to today’s topic, shall I?

Our resort had goofy golf.  (Every time I say the word “resort”, I feel obligated to note that we paid very little. I’m really not turning into a travel snob.) Anyway, it was called Jurassic Golf (very creative), and involved a (surprise) dinosaur theme. Now, our family’s favorite activities include bowling and mini-golf. Scott and I both still remember the “Putt-putt for the fun of it” song with nostalgia. We prefer indoor mini-golf, but we’ll take the outdoor variety if that’s what’s available.

Jurassic Golf was an outdoor adventure. The first morning after our arrival, we headed over to try it out. Right away, Sam and Caroline started fighting. Neither one of them is very good with the using of words, so both of them tend to seize each other bodily and cause harm over things like who went first.

They're only smiling here because I threatened them

This was problematic when the combatants were both armed with golf balls and clubs and when one of them was Sam. After I had taken the club away three times, I was ready to take him off the course. But his sister, while less with the physical violence, was no better, because she could not take turns nor concede anything to her younger sibling.  Add in the 90 degree heat at 7AM, and you can see why the outing was fast heading for disaster.

 Yes. He touched that with his mouth. Ew.In an effort at distraction, Scott and I started taking pictures of them with the dinos, which Sam kept licking. Ultimately, we ended the adventure early when all else failed.

So sweet. You'd never know he was showing her how not to hit brother.However, I did get one great shot of Scott showing Caroline how to hold the club correctly (when not trying to bash her brother with it).

We tried the same tactic when Dennis and Kristi arrived, with similar results,

 No. The kid beside Caroline isn't Sam. Which is why nobody's getting hurt.

though at least that time we could bribe the kids off the course with the promise of a ride on the stinky Thomas-the-Tank-Engine themed ride around the grounds with an ultimate destination of the pool.

I took Sam alone. He was hurting the other kids and had to be kept away for a little while.

Although this particular activity was destined for failure, the overall five day experience was glorious, and we hope to go on vacation again soon with Dennis and Kristi, while our kids are still little enough that it doesn’t matter if we throw Caroline in with three boys at night. Next time, we’re hoping to avoid the theme parks altogether and go someplace where we can just spend a lot of time interacting with each other as families.  Also, Dennis and Kristi introduce us to new alcoholic drinks we would never experience otherwise, another real perk of the friendship.  I can honestly say they’re one of our favorite couples, and we treasure the time we get to spend with them. Dennis, Kristi, see you at Christmas, because the fates are unlikely to align again before then.


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