Oct. 31 8PM

Trick or Treat

Nov. 1 8AM

The target

Because every good army has a blue finger-puppet dino vanguard

“Coast is clear. Car pulled out of the driveway.”

Meet our villain

“OK troops, let’s do this.”

This angry bird is not a happy man

“I thought they’d never leave this morning.”

The Wall

“Kids probably ate themselves into a sugar coma last night and couldn’t move.”

Up up up with a birdie

“Less talking, more climbing, troops.”

“To the victor go the spoils.”

This is the moment we wait for each year

“Dig in, baby.”

Oh, yes. I think I'll start here.


The carnage, oh the carnage

“Oh God, I can’t believe I ate that much. I can’t move.”

The humanity of it all

“What will they think when they find us here, your majesty?”

Princess Out

“Your majesty?”

This version of what really happens to your kids’ Halloween candy every year was written in response to this week’s Write on EdgeRed Writing Hood Red Writing Hood prompt, which asked for an under 200 word story describing my version of 8 o’clock in tribute to David Wiesner’s  children’s picture book Tuesday.


15 thoughts on “8AM

  1. Not only was this highly entertaining, it has given my an idea of how to rid myself of all this candy! What would the kids think if they saw photos of their toys doing this…..ahahahahahaha so funny!

  2. Yes – and, this comment sponsored by Asperger’s syndrome – neither one of them ‘got’ it, until I explained. I had to explain a torrent of “But dolls don’t move. And how would the finger puppet even GET anywhere, Mom.”

    And then when they DID get it, my daughter thought it was dumb and my son wanted to know what I’d done with his angry bird.

    I honestly wish I’d been taping them, because it was hilarious.

    Kind of like my continuing efforts to teach them about parody by using Weird Al. I showed them Beat It, then Eat It, and I had to explain things like “He has a mustache because he’s NOT actually Michael Jackson. He’s Weird Al.” and “I know it’s not nice to hit people with doors, but this is a silly video” and “OK, you’re right, you can’t have a spoon fight like a knife fight, but it works for this video.”

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