Dear Caroline and Sam

Dear Caroline and Sam,

This morning I woke up with

the dawn

I put on

my slippers

Oops. I meant to put on


my shoes

My car was covered


with ice

I turned on


and drove to


I bought

bacon eggs and milk

Then, I drove back to Jenny’s, and we had breakfast. I love you, I miss you. Keep taking good care of Daddy for me.

Love Mama


3 thoughts on “Dear Caroline and Sam

  1. aawsobnmkjhgfdsyuiimn bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbxzasqwegyuiopufvzwqtrewq (from sam)

    dear mom i love you and i miss you! love caroline

    zzzztttjjjjjpoijkkkkkkkkkmnbvccxxzqwertyuiopmnbvcxzaqsvvvvvvvvvvv cccccccccccccc (from sam again)

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