Memories Captured: Caught one


This is one of my favorite pictures of my kids. It’s from January of 2008. Christmas is over, but we haven’t taken down the tree. We don’t yet know it, but we will be moving from Lexington, Kentucky to Montgomery, Alabama in a scant 7 months. Caroline’s hair is cut into the adorable pageboy she wore until she was almost seven years old. Sam is still all mischief and only limited anger. He and Caroline are roughhousing gently. And they are both delighted to be there, glad to be brother and sister, and happy to smile for the camera.


Got oneI’m linking this post up with  the Memories Captured project hosted by Galit of These Little Waves and Alison of Mama Wants this.


17 thoughts on “Memories Captured: Caught one

    • Yes – sometimes we’ll just take an evening and scroll through. We’ve got to get our daughter’s photos digitized, because she was all on real film, and now it looks like we have photos of the little guy’s childhood but not hers up to a certain point!

  1. Mine did this, the pack thing… from the time they were born. They would gravitate towards each other across a 3 story 5 bedroom house. I would do my last check at night, panicking until I found them all curled up together in one room, Usually, the one the youngster’s shared. Considering our history it all makes sense NOW. At that time, I always wondered if my eggs remembered each other and found each other…

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