When the Books Close In

Right now, in the room we call our office, there are books. A shitload of them. They aren’t all mine. Aren’t even MOST mine. And they don’t confine themselves to the office. They are everywhere. Here are just a few examples.


OK, so I don't have them completely stuffing EVERY corner


And Neither Does He


But working together, we're pretty darned close

and Theirs:

And our children have learned well from usAlthough technically, standing up these would give us enough room to also include the ones you can't see that he's thrown behind the bed

And maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, but there are three full bookcases I didn’t even bother to feature, plus another one that is empty. And then there are the boxes. Boxes and boxes and BOXES

Yes. That's also books. Every boxof the exact same thing.


a flicker of inspiration at Lightning BugI’m linking this up with The Lightning Bug’s “Flicker of Inspiration” #27, “Here with Me”.


12 thoughts on “When the Books Close In

    • Oh yes. Oh yes it is. It is, to be precise, the one Nanny sent out in a box of books a few years before she died, along with a kickass copy of The Talisman, which is also buried around here somewhere, and a first edition of Danse Macabre.

  1. Look on the bright side – so far they are all contained (shelves, boxes) – but watch out for when they escape onto the floor, stairs and every flat surface.

  2. Trust me…it’s not just your home.

    I would comment more but I’m busy organizing my bookshelves.

    Guess I can’t interest you in an original “The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge”?

    Thought so….

  3. Have you ever noticed that there is no elegant way of starting REALLY LARGE quantities of books? All the bookshelves with fun designs are meant for you to put two or three books on, angled artistically. I have been struggling to figure out a way to make my collection look decent for a couple of years now.

    Maybe someday!

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