Two Days until 35

Lest you think I am a total Scrooge (I am) let me pause in my Christmas ranting to tell you something that makes me really happy this time of year. There are several things. But heading up the list is MY BIRTHDAY, which is coming up on Wednesday. People, I was born 11 days before Christmas, and because my Mom is that kind of mother, I never once in childhood lost my day to the big holiday looming soon after. December 14th has always been, and will always be, my favorite day of the year.

Now, getting other kids to come to my party was always a challenge. And by the time I was ten, I’d settled into a routine of dinner and a movie with Mom, and opening presents. I do love presents. I could almost always count on getting a book or two. In fact, Mom probably bought the books first, before she got me anything else. Because books have always been my haven. Approximately the only command I will obey without question is “Just go READ YOUR BOOK”. The desire to read consistently overpowers my ODD soul’s need to defy a direct imperative.

When Christmas gets to be too much, and I completely lose it, I can go read a book. For that matter, when anything gets to be too much, if I’ve got a good book, I’ve got a good escape. Books are my safety net, and I never travel without one. I have a car book, a carry-on luggage book, a bedside book, an office book, a living room book, and a bathroom book. Seriously.It’s one of the reasons our shelves are so crowded. I must have a go-to at all times. And Scott isn’t all that different on this score. Although he is usually reading two tomes at any give time, his are almost always really intense stuff, where mine are a mix of serious reading and fluff.

Mom has never missed giving me a gift, ever, and yes, that does  matter. Last year, she somehow managed to have a live Gardenia delivered to my house ON my exact birthday, and this year, I got my gift several months early while we were in Florida together. (It was awesome, but not the kind of gift to place on a blog, either.)

Adulthood has been a mixed bag. Some years, and this will only increase as I get older, my birthday has been almost completely forgotten. (When I think I have it bad, I remember one sister-in-law’s husband is a Dec. 28 birthday. Ouch.). Other years, it’s like I have two years of birthday fun in one. This year has been of the second variety, and I’m going to be telling you about my birthday this week, because there’s just too much to fit into one post.

Look out world, this year, the Jester Queen turns 35.


a flicker of inspiration at Lightning BugI’m linking up with The Lightning Bug’s Flicker of Inspriation #28, “Happy Place”.


21 thoughts on “Two Days until 35

  1. Jessie, my birthday has gotten better with age – BECAUSE I NEVER LET ANYONE FORGET IT. I celebrate birthday month, birthday week, birthday eve. I’ve had grumpy old adults tell me I’m no longer a child and shouldn’t act like I expect acknowledgements of my birthday, and I tell them to DROP DEAD. (And, I unfriend them.)

    Happy Birthday Month! And Happy Birthday Week!

  2. My oldest’s birthday is Dec 11 and we wait to do Christmas stuff til after that is over. Though this year, we’re having a party for him in January, in the hopes that kids can actually come. He did have a family party, though.

    I love a good book. Or even a not-so-good book.

    • That was what my Mom did. She loved the Christmas decorations, all the trimmings and lights, and she didn’t put up one pantooka until my birthday was over. It’s an awesome thing, and one I appreciate still, that little space she carved out for me. I think you are SO smart to postpone the friend party until January! People will be getting bored and ready for a break, and a birthday party will be perfect.

  3. I feel your pain. Mike’s birthday is December 1st (since we go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, it gets lost in travel) and my birthday is December 30th (forever lost between Christmas and New Year). Yes, the older I get, the more people forget, but on the plus side if no one remembers, it gets easier to lie about my age. Hope you have great plans for your birthday!

  4. Awww! My birthday is on valentines day and i hate it. I always get robbed. Candy and more candy cuz it’s valentines day.

    But since you live yours so much, Happy Birthday! And I’ll be back to wish you Happy Bitthday again on the big day! But if i forget, just stalk my blog lol.

    Thanks so much for being a regular reader and commented by the way. It’s nice to know someone reads. Well, i know they do but I’m always glad to have a new follower and we sound so much alike!!

    See ya tomorrow!

  5. I am so with you on the books! My mom’s extensive collection of really great out-of-print novels is one of my favorite things about going home for Christmas. There is never a moment when I need be without reading material.

    My mother’s birthday is Christmas and she claims not to want a party this year (65!). I’m not sure I believe her. But happy birthday to you! I personally made sure my 35th didn’t slip by by buying myself a really nice birthstone pendant. I get compliments on it all.the.time. Perhaps you need to get yourself something nice?

  6. I deliberately waited until after your birthday to hop on here and wish you a wonderful day.

    Nah….I really didn’t, I lied. Read your post and totally forgot to come back on the 14th.

    I’m so ashamed.

    But…I hope you had a great day and will have many more special birthdays to come!

    And that’s the truth!!!

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