Divorce: A Love Story

Three. Two. One.

Folks, I know this is my third blog entry today, but right now I’m so excited I can’t stop. You want to know about a time I cleaned house? It was just the other day. Come here. Get really close. I don’t want anybody to miss the story. Everybody gathered around? Great.


Can you believe it???

Sorry sorry! Didn’t mean to burst any of the eardrums. Hey! Come back. I’ll speak more softly, promise. My publisher http://throwaway-lines.com/ released the e-book edition of my novel Divorce: A Love Story yesterday on Amazon and B&N. ON MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY. Thank you SJ and Jason. Oh GOD I’m so happy. There may be issues with the pagination in Kindle, but those may be worked out by now. Nook looks perfect. The Smashwords version, which should work with more e-readers than just Kindle and Nook should follow soon. But in the meantime, you can download the novel for your PC, MAC, or i-pad right now if you just download the free app from the Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.

You can download it here:

Barnes and Noble: Nook

Or here:

Amazon: Kindle

It’s gritty, it’s awesome, and if you buy it, you are supporting a great cause (my ego). Please, consider purchasing copies for everyone you know for Christmas. I’m adding a button to my page to help you achieve this goal. It will link back to my Divorce page, where you can find permalinks to any online retailers. Please, go forth now and buy my book. I’ve said what I needed to say.

Divorce: A Love Story__________

remembeRedButtonRed Writing HoodLinking up to two Write on Edge Posts with this one. The RemembeRed post this week asks us to talk about something we’ve anticipated, starting with “three two one”, and Red Writing hood asks us to think about a time we’ve cleaned house. I think this meets both prompts. Because I’ve been anticipating this for a long damned time. And I feel like I have totally cleaned house.

s30pbadgeI’m also linking up to the folks at Studio30+, who I hope will agree that I’ve said what I needed to say.


50 thoughts on “Divorce: A Love Story

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  2. Congrats! What an incredible achievement 🙂 Published! You’ve just fulfilled the dream of 99.9% of bloggers – finishing writing a book… and actually getting it published.

  3. If I say that I spend all my writing and say that I do it merely for the love of writing, it only means one thing, that I haven’t been published yet.

    Great job and the best of luck to you.


    • Thanks! I know exactly what you mean. For me, writing is a necessity. I can’t not-write. Publication means it’s worth my while to do what I cannot not do. And if I can actually earn a living this way? I might someday be able to live with myself.

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