Dear Santa Clas [sic]

Dear Santa Clas [sic].

Damn, that's adorableI hope you enjoy the cookies. I hope the reindeer are doing whell [sic]. How are you doing? My name is Caroline Bradshaw Merriman. How is Mrs. Clas [sic] doing? How are the reindeer doing? Our house has a beautiful Chrismis tree Love Caroline

PS How is Rudolph Doing?





Dear Caroline and Sam,

Less so, but she was still thrilledHo ho ho! I do believe this is my longest letter from a child. Keep writing. You are very good at it. Your cookies were lovely. I am taking the chocolate one home to Mrs. Claus. I’m sure she is doing well and will love it. Rudolph is doing well, and so are the other reindeer. They appreciated the carrots. Merry Christmas,

Love Santa




Yes, I did write the response. Because, although I wish it were written to someone else, someone real, even I find it endearing. And I am the creative writer in our family. And if I shield myself from shit like Norad Santa Tracker, those damned holiday specials, and too very many people who don’t respect my disdain for the season, even I can manage that much for my child, who has chosen to believe.

Peace to all who celebrate, gracious thanks for all who don’t, and ‘welcome to the club’ to all like me, trapped in between and floundering.


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