It must be in the air

Dear Bella,

I swear to GOD my four year old can’t read. So I KNOW he didn’t see your blog entry about The Professor’s laundry today. Besides, he was in school. And he was still in school when my husband and I were talking to each other and saying it was exactly the kind of thing he might try, nevermind that your professor is five years his senior.

Nonetheless, we seem to have jinxed ourselves.

We put Sam to bed at 8, and he was back to annoy us at 8:15, 9:15, and 9:30. When things quieted down thereafter, we hoped it meant he’d finally gone to sleep. We figured that the transition back to school after two weeks off has to have some fallout, and that we could handle a bouncy bedtime after the great school day his teacher had reported.

At 10:15, he shouted, “I need new sheets!” and we knew it meant an accident.

But Bella? It was no accident. Because he had just been down from the bed three times for purported potty trips, and the kid has not got an infection. Because it wasn’t conentrated all in one spot on the bed like it is in a real accident.  And if it had been an accident, he wouldn’t have pulled his pants down so they wouldn’t get wet.

In this case, I think the behavior was more ODD blockheadedness than laziness. But still, he peed the bed so he wouldn’t have to climb down the ladder. The one he’d just bounded down some three times already. Sam was responsible for putting his own sad little lovies in the wash, knowing he won’t see them again until tomorrow.  And while my husband and I flipped up his mattress (yes, it has a rubber sheet) to wipe it down and replace the soaked bedding, I couldn’t help but think of you.

Because dear GOD if we were in this boat alone, I think we’d both be ready to jump overboard right now. So. Thank you for sharing The Professor’s behavior. I think it saved me a sobbing attack tonight over my own little Gremlin. This is not the behavior we will feel nostalgia for in 20 years.




7 thoughts on “It must be in the air

  1. Oh Jessie, you are NOT alone! Mine does it at least once a week – while he is awake and yelling at us – but he doesn’t pull pants down. Just wets everything. #bangingheadonwall

  2. Oh man. Our lives are so much alike. I could not help but laugh reading this and thank you for that. It is the first time I have been able to laugh about it since it happened. Hugs! BTW, my 9 year old was the guilty one this time, but MY 4 yr old is fond of chasing my 9 yr old around screaming “I pee on you!” LOL Some sense of humor this kid has….

    • I’m glad it brought out the humor for you. Because it is very much one of those ‘hindsight humor’ things, where it is ONLY possible to laugh about it when it isn’t in progress. (Then? Yeah, the Abraham Lincoln philosophy is the right one. Laugh or you’ll cry.)

  3. Like akazookeeper above, I have a similar experience. Only, my brother used to try to pee on me all the time. ALL THE TIME. It was madness. Maybe that’s why we don’t speak today.

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