Spring BubblesWinter Bubbles

Can you believe the 2 1/2 year old in the top picture is the exact same child as the 8 year old in the bottom picture? They don’t even look alike.


Memories CapturedI’m hooking this entry up once more with the Memories Captured project over on These Little Waves and Mama Wants This with effects and text added using Picnik‘s free online software.


22 thoughts on “Bubbles

    • He adores her to the point that it’s cloying. She never had jealousy of him when he was born. But she’s starting to develop it now, partially because when he’s around she doesn’t ever really get her own space like she needs and deserves. He, of course, doesn’t understand why big sis doesn’t want to spend every everloving minute playing with him.

    • A favorite conversation goes like this:
      Me: Who told you you could get so big?
      Her: Granddaddy!
      Me: That granddaddy. I’m going to have words with him. Your direct orders were to stay SMALL!

    • Yes, it does indeed. I think the thing I notice most is the absence of those adorable chubby cheeks. (Not that the elongated growing up face is less beautiful – just that the difference is so striking when I look at her face.)

    • It’s amazing how long it entertains them both, still. I think they were out there chasing the things for forty or more minutes the day of that second picture, and I know that by the time I took the first one, Caroline was well into her second HOUR of making my mother in law blow bubbles for her.

    • We didn’t expect the bubbles to come out in the first picture – it was a predigital shot that we mailed away for development. It was a complete surprise when they did. We have half a roll like that, but this was far and away the best one. Of course, with the digital camera, I knew exactly what I was getting on the followup!

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