Don’t Steal My Sunshine (I’ll Share It)

I won The Sunshine award! The amazing Queen of Alyssaland has bestowed it upon me, and it is now my stately duty to pass it on to three more bloggers and answer these fun questions.

Favorite color?

Varies. I’m pretty big on purple clothes, but I like sunny yellow walls, and I’ve never had objections to basic black.

Favorite animal?

Sam. No, seriously, I’m a cat person. We don’t have any because of Scott’s allergies, but I had tribes of them growing up.

Favorite number?

I suppose 14.

Favorite drink?

Margarita. Lime. With salt. Though our friends Dennis and Kristi have got Scott and I branching out, and I’ve discovered an undeniable fondness for pomegranate martinis.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. The constant updates drive me batshit crazy, but I cannot condense myself to 140 characters on a regular basis. I don’t buy that doing so increases my creativity, and I primarily use Twitter to share my blog or say things that only need a few words anyway. (219 char. I did that on purpose)

Your passion?

Writing. Without any question at all. Writing.

Giving or getting presents?

Depends. Mostly, getting. But if I have got the perfect thing, GOD I love to give a good gift.

Favorite day?

My birthday.

Favorite flower?

That one has changed a few times. I used to be nuts for sunflowers, and then it was roses. Right now, I’m really into the scent of gardenias.

Most important of all, I do hereby spread the sunshine to the following bloggers. You won’t be sorry when you drop by their pads.

Should they choose to accept they will be bound by these rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it. (I feel weird putting that in there. Here’s an award, now thank me for it.)

2. Answer the same questions I did above.

3. Pass the award along to other bloggers, link to their blogs and inform them of the honor that has been bestowed upon them.

The Accidental Cootchie Mama: Andra Watkins’ sly wit constantly catches me by surprise. Some of my favorite posts are the ones laced with misdirection and seeded with hilarious links.

If This is Motherhood: I think Bella and I are twins born a couple of years apart to different parents. My favorite posts are the ones where she speaks candidly about her struggles to raise two gifted boys and her series “This Is Who I Am”.

Mangetout: Purely aside from the fact that she lives in France, where I someday yearn to at least visit, earlybird has a knack for rendering images into words without reducing beauty to syrup. I love her recipes, and this month, I’ve been enjoying her River of Stones series.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Steal My Sunshine (I’ll Share It)

  1. Hi Jessie

    I am honoured and flattered by what you’ve said about me above and I’ve really enjoyed ‘getting to know you’ (both coming over here and your comments on mangetout) but, I’m sorry, I don’t ‘do’ awards.

  2. Jessie, thank you so much for bestowing this piece of sunshine on my day of endless painting projects. 🙂 I have never responded to awards in the past, but I’ve now been given Versatile Blogger several times, along with the Sunshine Award. I will queue up responses for this weekend. This one will be really fun to write. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it. You are seriously one of my inspirations. I can never sneak up on a topic like you can so that the reader is thinking one thing thinking one thing and then BAM it is another!

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