At the Museum Center

OK, back in December, I posted briefly about our family’s visit to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. I teased you with a picture I took with my cell phone, because I can’t hook the big camera up to the netbook. (Canon is morally convinced I’ll blow the camera’s mind if I don’t load the driver discs first, and I don’t have a disc drive in the netbook.) Also, the upload speed on my aircard is slower than dialup.

I took lots of pictures with the big camera. Here are some down at the holiday train display

Sam sees himself

Train detailCaroline finds the cameraThat’s my awesome mother-in-law standing with Scott and the kids. I think about ten minutes into the tour all four of them were totally ready for me to put down the camera, but I was only getting started.

Because after the trains came this whole other holiday section. It included these stunning historical examples:

What are you?

Oh no!Yeah. I really believe this.Those. Are. Not. Reindeer. They are JACKELOPES. White-haired demon-horned JACKELOPES. That’s the stuff Christmas nightmares are made of right there, kiddies. Thank God they don’t talk anymore.

Other than those guys, the holiday section was nice, and it ended in a giant mural.

At the end of the holiday hallI used my ‘small’ lens to photograph this, but since it was at eye level, the detail is really easy to see.

Here’s another eye level mural

Here's the full muralAnd I also took a close-up of the tiles, still with the small lens.

And here's the detail of his legThis is one of the large murals way up in the arch ceiling of the … I guess it’s called rotunda area

This is also one I also posted from my cell phone

I zoomed in some with my little lens, and that was pretty cool, but it was NOTHING compared to what I got when I pulled out the big lens. Check THESE out.

Here's a close up of the seaman

And one of the workersThose things are forty feet up in the air, but the zoom on the big lens is so complete that I might as well be standing on top of the picture. The number of hours it must have taken to create that image, tile by tile boggles my mind.

OK, that’s the end of my picto-geek tour. Thanks for reading along. And if you’re ever in Cincinnati, take the time to see Union Terminal. It’s not a place that will quickly leave your mind.


8 thoughts on “At the Museum Center

    • It’s crazy fun. I’ve yearned for a big cameral my whole life. Someday, I’ll learn how to take pictures with an even BIGGER one. But this just suits me down to the bones right now.

  1. OoooOOOOOooo….lovely pictures! I got a Nikkon a while ago. I hate it. But it might be because I don’t know how to work it yet…LOL
    We haven’t been to a museum in ages. The nearest one is in Toronto and that is 4 hours away!

    • The first night I had this, I went to a wedding, and the photographer was awesome about giving me tips and letting me go off and embarrass myself trying them out. It has helped SO SO much.

    • OK. So when I met my husband, I realized we had been, at several points in our lives, in the same building together without knowing it. He worked at the restaurant where I hid out until I could be rescued when I got lost driving around Cincinnati. He taught at the college where I was not a student, but where I did joined the drama club. So by the time we actually met, we had this collective of unexpected shared experiences.

      I’m really beginning to think you and I will find something similar.

      Because I grew up an hour out of Cincinnati, where my family still lives. Scott’s family is right there IN Cincy, and we went to grad school and lived in Lexington for ten years. Small small world.

  2. I love love love the pictures. I think the first one is my favorite as it reminds me of a lovely doctors visit when my son decided he needed to lick the window!!! LOL… gross.. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading yours. Actually, I have been here before but often get to read and then run to pick up the pieces from another meltdown. Cause it has been that bad.

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