Trifecta: Friday Check-In

What is your name (real or otherwise)?

I’m Jessie the Jester Queen. My last name is Powell, my husband’s is Merriman. The nickname is a pun on his name and a reference to my unwillingness to change my name even though, if I could have chosen my name at birth, Merriman is absolutely what I would have picked.

Describe your writing style in three words.

Descriptive. Angry. Honest.

How long have you been writing online?

Online? Since April 2011 At all? Dear GOD I can’t do math. 25 years.

Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in?

I never do a thing by halves. I rejected memes largely because I didn’t realize they were open admission and I didn’t feel like going through hassles to be accepted. Once I figured out that I was full of shit? I’ve been Meme-ing my ass off. So. With that in mind.

The Lightning and the Lightning Bug, Story Dam, Mama Kat, Pour Your Heart Out, Write on Edge (Remember Red and Red Writing Hood), Memories Captured, Friday Fluff, this one.

Oh, and Bella from If This is Motherhood and I are getting ready to launch one of our own. Details soon.

Describe one way in which you could improve your writing.

That’s a loaded question. Kind of like “Honey, does this story make me look fat?” If I knew, I’d already be doing it. Honestly, I think these writing prompts are helping me recapture something I lost when I went to grad school fourteen years ago. Three things I want to learn how to do that I’ve never been very good at are misdirection stories, where the story sneaks up on its truth but lets the reader think something else entirely right up until the last second; stories where the main characters never give their thoughts away; and plausible fantasy that doesn’t sound childish.

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Possibly it’s because I’m so brash and noisy, but I’ve never been given any unique advice that I can think of. I have certainly been told the usual things, “Show don’t tell” and all. But nobody has taken me aside and said, “Powell, you need to….”. Perhaps “Read Bird By Bird” would count? Because that WAS awesome advice. Oh. And in a writing correspondence course, a teacher said, “do you read this stuff?” about my poetry. It was good advice.

Who is your favorite author?

Some of my favorites are Neil Gaiman, Stephen R. Donaldson, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Faulkner, J.K. Rowling, Jane Smiley, Erich Maria Remarque, Diana Wynne Jones, Patricia Cornwell, Julia Alvarez, Lynne Johnston …. Sorry. That was a sampling. There isn’t one single answer.


How do you make time to write?

I cannot answer that here.


Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt.

Religion. No, seriously.


But if that’s too unusual, perhaps




Direct us to one blog post of yours that we shouldn’t miss reading.


Trifecta would like everybody to stop by and say hi, even those who haven’t participated in their challenges. The goal is to create community, get to know each other, and oh boy hide that Friday Fluff. ;P


22 thoughts on “Trifecta: Friday Check-In

  1. “Honey, does this story make me look fat?” Hilarious. I guess I should’ve asked if there’s an area that you’d like to work on. I was certainly not insinuating that anyone is less than lovely to read. 🙂

    I’m going to go follow your links now. Thanks!

  2. I am always so happy when I find a mutual meme hopping soul that I know doing another meme. I love this peek into the writer behind the words.

    • It’s so much fun to meet people multiple times in different memes. I feel like I learn something new about them from the different meeting points. It’s almost like getting to meet someone for the first time several times.

  3. Whatever label has been ascribed to your style (or personality as it were) I like it. You are vivacious and opinionated, I like both traits, and I look forward to reading more of the clusters of words you write.

  4. I am also a fan of Stephen King, he has a way with writing stories that just keeps me fascinated. It was very nice getting to know a bit about yourself, thanks for sharing.

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