Take Me To The Pilot

Mom and I used to go to Florida with my grandparents every year. Plane tickets were expensive, and even after Dad came off the road, we got by on his royalties and a little stock dividend money. When we flew, Mummum and Poppa paid. One year, I missed a month of Kindergarten and lost no ground. We came home because Mom was eight months pregnant. My sister was born in a hospital as scheduled. Nothing midair. But Mom says the pilot looked past her as we got on that plane, wordlessly asking the flight attendants “Ready to catch a baby?”

Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is launching a weekly music meme. He’ll give us a song for inspiration, and we write 100 words on the topic. Come play with us!

Edit: Here’s a historical photo of Dad. (He’s standing; John Call is seated.)  I’m sure somebody else owns the copyright, but damned if I know who. I scanned it in from a picture in a photo album.  If somebody wants me to take it down (yes Dad, that includes you), I’ll be glad to. If somebody wants credit, let me know.


22 thoughts on “Take Me To The Pilot

    • Nonfiction – my Dad (George Powell) played rhythm guitar and was one of the founding members of Pure Prairie League. (Think “Amie, whatchoowanna dooo)He left the band in I think 1978, but he’s still on cordial terms and plays with the guys from time to time. If you go to the Zedrock Photography website (the link should drop you into the musicians category), you’ll see some PPL pics with Dad in them. He’s the guy with a ‘do-rag’.

    • It’s catchy — just for clarity, Craig Fuller wrote that (and most of PPL’s early hits) But Dad is very much on there. He’s the first guitar you hear, setting the beat before Craig starts in with the acoustic dancing.

  1. Thank you for the compliments and free promo! I have no idea where the photo came from-only the time period and members of the band at that time from the guitar I’m playing. Boy Jess, some of your readers are major cuties!

  2. Too cool. My dad’s claim to fame is that he once sat next to Jimi Hendrix on a flight from somewhere to somewhere. His report: “The man stunk like hell and was obviously shit-faced.” So there’s that.

    I flew 7 months pregnant once. The flight attendants were not happy to see me.

    • Ahaha! That’s damned cool. I’ve never been a Hendrix fan. I respect the man. I understand WHY he’s so big. But I also understand why Dickens is big, and I don’t really enjoy reading him either.

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