It’s just an old grain elevator.

Grain elevator

But at the right angle, blurry  behind the trees, it might be a castle,

becomes castle

the winter-dead trees the entrance to some forbidden forest,


the rusting hulk of a barge the last vestige of a sunken navy

barge becomes navy

the hidden railroad bridge a lowered drawbridge

railroad bridge well hidden

whose struts become the scaffolding upon the battlements

bridge strutsabove a river that leads to  a long forgotten realm,

and the river a portal

a place where fantasies are born.

And also nightmares.


20 thoughts on “Blurry

  1. What a nice story and I’m showing the pictures to Randy Lefebvre@Zedrockphotography. He’ll be amazed at how quickly you are mastering your Canon Rebel.

    • Wow! I had SO much fun shooting this. The rest of the family was like half a mile ahead of me and I was way back there going “OK, no if I take this with the LANDSCAPE setting…”

  2. Awesome!! Grain elevators and other farm fixtures really do provide imaginary fodder. Every time I drive past one of those ruins in a rural area (you know the ones I mean), I always wonder about its story.

    You references here are all inspiring, and the pictures are a perfect accompaniment.

  3. I really enjoyed this ‘flight of fancy’, Jessie. Things are not always what they seem, are they. You just have to know where and how to look.

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