So dry

Salty waves beneath. Parched sky above. My love, I will die on this ocean.


This weekend, those crazy crazy editors at Trifecta want us to write a story in three sentences. Those are mine. Up there.


32 thoughts on “So dry

    • Thanks! I tried to flip it around so it would be in proper 5 7 5 format with the 7 in the middle making a complete statement and a sort of one two three for five I will linebreak rhythm! It didn’t work, and I wanted those two extra syllables πŸ™‚

    • Oooh! Missy, it’s a really challenging writing meme that I’m just in love with. During the week, the editors assign a single word from the merriam-webster’s online dictionary, and your job is to write a story using the third definition of it. It’s h-a-r-d! Then, the weekend prompt is a little more of a mix-it-up adventure. The only guarantee is that the assignment will have to do with the number 3. If you click the bike picture above, you should land on their website.

    • I like anything believable. But you’ve made me think of the end of Pullman’s His Dark Materials’ series, where … OK, I won’t spoil it. But it’s tragic and implausible as all getout.

    • And potentially metaphorical, as well. The salty waves could refer to tears, the parched sky the absence of love or a relationship in a drought…. this one was fun. (I say that every time, don’t I.)

  1. Thanks for linking up to the second week of Trifextra. I like how you really stayed true to the purpose of the exercise–by cutting out all the excess. This is nicely done. I, too, thought of messages in bottles. Or at least messages in one’s mind as he floats along. Did you see Open Water? Like that, but more serene. πŸ™‚ Hope to see you back on Monday.

  2. I like the ambiguity of whether this is metaphorical or literal. I instantly had the image of someone shipwrecked in a small boat in a dead calm without hope of ever reaching land before he dies of thirst.

    • And that’s really exactly what I’m aiming for :). But the metaphor is also what I was after, too. Someone in a dead, dry relationship that is yet surrounded by the things that OUGHT to make love work.

  3. This is very fun. Also tragic. Yes, um. Very tragic. *tear*

    I went the opposite way, and left a tonne of fat in my middle sentence. But I had my reasons. =)

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