My Life In Music February 14

I’m so excited! Bella over at If This is Motherhood and I are teaming up to present a new Meme every other week. Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, Bella posted an entry about her favorite group, Nickelback. I gotta admit, I’m no Nickelback fan. But her post showed so eloquently why she loves the band that while I was reading her entry, I WANTED to be a Nickelback fan.

In that post, she said she would someday do a series about her life in music, and when I read that, bells went off in my head. I e-mailed her fast saying something to the effect of “ZOMG I want in!”

It’s a few weeks later, and now Bella has designed our awesome logo, and we’re ready to go live with our first link-up, below. Here are the (very loose) rules.

The linky will open up on a Thursday and stay live until time for the next edition. We’ll run this every other week, so people have a long time to submit. (That means that if you submit early, we’d love it if you could come back and comment on the posts of those who come after you!)

We’ll establish a theme for each session, and we ask that your post fit within that theme. This first week, for instance, we’re doing

But that is all. As Bella says,

       Just follow the prompt! There is nothing else.  You can post a list of songs, a music video or even just the lyrics of a song! Any genre, any song.  Tell us what it means to you — why it is significant in your life.  That’s all there is to it! Let’s have some fun sharing our lives through music!!.

We’d also be really happy if you would grab a button and link back to us so others can play. So, get ready, get set, share.

Feel free to grab a button and link back up. You can just copy and paste the picture and include Bella’s or my URL in your linkback, or you can grab the following code:

Jester Queen
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Jester Queen"><img src="" alt="Jester Queen" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

14 thoughts on “My Life In Music February 14

  1. Oh Lord. Do I write the post about how when I hear the Air Supply song “Two Less Lonely People in the World”, I am back in the car, parking with that boy at the end of a dark, dead-end street, and I somehow thought that was love???? (This is the first song I thought of when I read this idea. God help me.) I think this will be awesome.

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  4. I am popping by from Write On Edge. I will be happy to link up with you both. I currently do a Song of the Week post on Monday’s. It serves as my theme song or reflective song of the week.

    Great idea!


  5. What a neat idea!! Music, somehow, is always present at significant moments of my life. I can hear a song today that will take me back to that precise moment in time – what I was doing, how I was feeling, the smells, etc.

    Thanks for linking up with the Getting to Know You hop!

    • Now I’ve got to go get to know some others! I think I’ve clicked on one link and been instantly bombarded by small grumpy people both times I clicked it!! But I still can’t wait. I do love blog hops and memes.

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