Before and After


Romney Before


A peaceful empty space where once lay a blightOoooh. That felt good. Let’s do it again.


Beck BeforeAaaand After

Beck? Beck who? The rock star Beck? I don't think Sam's Club carries him...I couldn’t get them all, as a Sam’s club manager kept hovering. He knew I was up to something. But as I never actually TOOK any books, and he didn’t seem to notice that they flopped around an awfully lot, I could at least remove the worst offenders.

Just doing my civic duty.


10 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. oooo. You are sharing a little there.

    Careful. Political opinions on the internet tubes are trouble.

    Even if you couch them in hidespeak. Ask Tim Thomas. (shhh. he plays for the other team)

    • Thank you, thank you citizen. And if I’m elected, I promise that the voters will have proved themselves idiots. And if elected, I’ll suddenly have to behave much better in bookstores, because I don’t really support censorship. Just a little obnoxiousness from time to time. I live in the South, and every once in awhile I’ve got to do something blue in a red state.

    • Zactly! Because Baldacci acknowledges he’s writing fiction. I’ll admit – I’m liberal and take particular pleasure in moving the Romneys and Becks, but really? All politicians bug me. I’m happy to move any of their junk off to the fantasy section where it belongs.

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