Valentine in Blue

I’m linking up today once more with Galit Breen of These Little Waves and Alison of Mama Wants This for their monthly Memories Captured meme.

My little Valentine comes with a story. Last month, Missy over at The Literal Mom hosted a blog giveaway with a random commenter to win scrapbooking software from the folks at My Memory Suite. And I won. I am still learning how to play with my new toy (which, as Missy noted, is bloody complex and takes an AGE to download), but I am enjoying it very very much. The learning curve is worth it, and I used the software to create the image above.

So, thanks to Missy for hosting a giveaway. Thank you thank you! Thanks to My Memory Suite for being willing to give a random blogger their software. And thanks to Galit and Alison for creating an opportunity for me to share!

Memories Captured


18 thoughts on “Valentine in Blue

    • Thanks Galit! I love your linkup – it gives me an excuse to really reach outside myself. I’m not typically a nostalgic Mama, and I’m often suspicious of that emotion in myself. I have yet to feel false in this meme, though, and I like what it has evoked!

    • I’m having a ball. I’m now making a random calendar. I love that I can either use their backgrounds or create my own, and I can position my pictures as I like or let them offer me any of about a zillion templates for a collage.

  1. Great job using your new software. Kids love zoos. Everything just fascinates them so much! Awesome that you captured those memories! (By the way, I use My Memories Suite too and won one too! If you visit my blog, you can check out the link to my digital scrapbooking blog on my sidebar.) đŸ˜‰

    • Ooooh What fun! I’ll come look for sure. I’m just starting in on the digital scrapbooking thing, and nothing is better than getting ideas from fellow users of the same software. Living in the South, we can head zooward pretty much any time of year, so those are really recent pictures, too, which makes it just that much more fun. (Also, I have a new fun camera to play with)

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