Friday Fluff Feb. 17 2012

This week’s stupid questions come from here.

This week’s stupid answers come from here:


1. What’s your sexual orientation?

I’m probably a 2 or so. (With thanks to Lisa for choosing a scale to answer. I went with Kinsey.)

2. Do you share your bedroom with someone? If yes, with who??

Yes, my husband, and that should say “with whom”. We threw the children out when they were pretty young, and we got lucky and they stayed that way unless it’s ungodly early or they’re sick.

3. Do you resemble a famous celebrity?

I could pass for Frank Sinatra. In a pinch. With heavy makeup and a lot of imagination. Also blue contacts.

4. What brand is your mobile?

The Who.

5. What keychains do you have with your house keys?

Embarrassment ensues. I am so addicted to keyless entry that I don’t carry house keys. We own some. Someplace. But I am so uberfucked if the power goes out when I’m not home.

6. Do you drive? If yes, what cars do you own?

Sorry, I don’t play golf. What they hell do the cars have to do with it?

7. Do you read the newspaper?


8. Is the TV on right now?

Fuck no.

9. What song are you hearing right now?

See 4 and 14.

10. Any favorite books you wanna mention here?

The Talisman, LOTR, The Stand, The Sound and The Fury, All Quiet on the Western Front, One For the Money, Neverwhere, Harry Dresden series, It, Nelson Mandela The Authorized Comic Book, The Firm, Tess of the D’Ubervilles, The Right Stuff, The Historian, Anything by Diana Wynne Jones, Actually, anything by Neil Gaiman, The Bone Collector, the early Sandman comics, Hole in my life, and the Awakening. That’s all I can see from this chair.

11. Are you up-to-date with the latest news on celebrities?

No. I don’t want to encourage them.

12. Have you ever lied to a best friend?

Just now. I’m supposed to be driving to get her instead of finishing this dumb quiz.

13. Do you consider yourself intelligent?

I gotz teh brainz.

14. Are you a morning person or a night person?

I’m a night owl trapped in a mother’s body with a little sunshine brother for a son (clip).

15. Do you enjoy doing stuff on your own?

Yes. Wait. Is this a masturbation question? Fuck you.  Scott and I heard an interview with a hummingbird bander. He was called a master bird bander. Scott pointed out it was good he wasn’t a baiter. Because a Master baiter bander? #Awkward


As always, Linking up this Friday Fluff with Lisa at Seeking Elevation. But I’m doing it quickly. Because seriously people, I gotta go rescue Linda.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fluff Feb. 17 2012

    • My first three favorite songs were
      1) Little Sister, Rick Springfield (Working Class Dog)
      2) Jessie’s Girl, Ry Cooder (Bop Till You Drop)
      3) Athena, The Who (It’s Hard)

      Dad had this home recording studio upstairs, and I could sometimes get him to put on one of those three tapes at unholy loud volumes. We had this running argument about what exactly is being said in the “She’s a girl, she’s a bomb” section. I swore it was “she’s a boor”. Dad thought it was … I want to say he thought it was “she’s a whore”, but I can’t swear to that. I just remember we’d debate it endlessly. And I KNOW it always led to a discussion of what the fuck prostitution was. Which, with your four year old daughter would have been weird from anybody but my Dad.

  1. I was waiting for 25 minutes while you were answering a silly quiz? Beeotch! I’ll get you my pretty, and your big ole dog too…..

    Thanks again for the rescue.

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