The Story of The Three Little Pigs


Those crafty Trifecta editors are at it again, asking us for a retold story in 33 words. Here’s mine. NB: “w/” is one word unconnected with “expertise”. There’s a space.


39 thoughts on “The Story of The Three Little Pigs

  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment here. For some reason, my computer was not having it the other night. (Overuse.) Anyway, thank you for linking up to this week’s Trifextra. Yours was certainly one of the funnier entries, and again I love the way you manipulated the images. BBW threw me for a minute, but then once I got it, it was made all the more enjoyable. Hope to see you back again soon.

    • Probably the reeeally hard way, since I don’t have photoshop. In this case, I took a photograph of a newspaper, then dropped it into MSPaint. I copied a section of the picture that didn’t have any text, then enlarged that to be my working field. used the mouse to draw (in a separate file, since paint can’t do layers) the ‘torn out’ frame. I used My Memories Suite to fuse those two images, then I copied and pasted the fused image into Paint again. (I forget why this step was necessary. It probably wasn’t.) I don’t remember how I got rid of the newspaper image outside of the ‘frame’. Probably just erased it. Except I do remember that when I pulled the image back into My Memories suite three times, I just inserted a random circle on top of the text so that CLASSIFIED ADS looks like it has been torn off. Then I added the text in My Memories Suite and saved and exported the image.

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