New web address

Hi everybody,

I’ve noticed that I gained a couple of new followers since I completed my migration. Since my first nine months of photos are still hosted here, at jesterqueen1, I can’t put an autoforward on this address. So I’m sending out an update that if you want  to keep hearing from me (oh please, want to hear from me!!) you should visit me at and sign up for e-mail updates there. I’d be so grateful if you did, and I apologize profusely for the hassle.


2 thoughts on “New web address

    • If you go to, you’ll see a box asking for your e-mail address in the left sidebar. You should just be able to type in your address and click submit. Don’t worry – the ONLY thing it enrolls you in is my blog. If you were following by RSS, that’s also an option. There should be al ink that says something like RSS the Jester, and if you click that, you’ll go to the Feedburner page and choose your RSS server.

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