Divorce: A Love Story

Throw Away Lines

The button above is a link to my publisher’s website.

I can’t believe I just typed “my publisher”.

Wait: it gets better. Here is a link to my BOOK. Yeah, people. I am a published author with a small press. A very real, not-vanity small press, whose editors have worked with me for over a year to bring this to life. Happiness? It’s this. Here are the links

You can download it here:

Barnes and Noble: Nook

Or here:

Amazon: Kindle

Divorce: A Love Story


Here. I’ll even tell you what it’s about. Because I’m in a generous mood:

Being the love child of a rock star is the least of Jamie Joan Bender’s problems. After living in the shadow of her brilliant half-sister’s music career, Jamie takes on the job of being her famous father’s road manager, and is thrust into the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Life in the jet-set is a dream, until her charmed existence ends in DIVORCE.

Clawing her way back from despair, Jamie earns her own celebrity as a radio host, survives joint custody of her daughter, and tolerates an unruly Labrador retriever. But, how will she manage her father’s endless affairs, her sister’s lesbian marriage, a former road manager’s vengeance, and the appearance of a new woman in her ex’s life?

For Jamie, true love doesn’t come easy. It starts with DIVORCE.

Please, go buy it. Because you love me. Because it’s awesome. Because I am PUBLISHED!!!


16 thoughts on “Divorce: A Love Story

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  2. You rock. You’re awesome. You have just begun to take over the world. The book is FABULOUS. George Man on the cover is perfect. I am so proud of you.
    Did I say that you rock?

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